COVID-19 Safe Plan

COVID-19 Safe Plan

COVID-19 Safe Plan

In order to return to playing the game we love, all players, coaches, families and spectators need to understand and adhere to the Industry COVID safe plan

 Which means SCCSA members need to:

  • Maintain physical distancing when not training or playing
  • Follow all protocols/signs in place at venues
  • DO NOT attend if you are unwell
  • Always maintain good hygiene (including using hand sanitiser)
  • Register attendance at both training and games.

There are further guidelines we all need to adhere to on game days.

  • Come to games ready to play and no more the 20 minutes before the game is scheduled to kick off.
  • Bring your own water bottle and half-time snack- no share plates of fruits/lollies at half time.
  • Everyone that comes to the game (parents, grands parents, etc) must register their attendance with their team manager or use the EVA QR CODE. This is for contact tracing.
  • Contact is only to occur during the game- no unnecessary contact i.e. hand shaking, high fives.
  • Attendees need to observe 1.5m spacing between other family groups.


Please be aware that each club may have additional restrictions in place so please check the hosting clubs' Facebook page for more details. 

For games at Nambour please note that...

  • Entry and Exit to the fields is to the left of the bottom car park


  • Players, families and spectators are not allowed to congregate outside the gym/canteen area. This area is off limits by the PCYC. 


As a community we have to do our best to keep us all safe and healthy, so please follow the guidelines and do the right thing with patience and respect so that we can continue playing.